Space. The final frontier. And in Amplitude Studios and Iceberg Interactive’s Endless Space, you get to explore the hell out of it, meet alien life forms, then blow them into tiny bits of stardust. It’s a big weekend for Endless Space, complete with a free weekend on steam, a 50 percent discount for purchases, and a brand new free batch of DLC called “Echoes of the Endless.”

For those who have never tried out Endless Space, you’ll want to pay extra close attention, as the massive space exploration/strategy game will be celebrating a free weekend on Steam from Nov. 29 through Dec. 3. Everyone with a Steam account will be able to dive into Endless Space for those five days (kind of a long weekend, if you ask me) at absolutely no charge.

If you decide Endless Space is something you want to keep on playing, you’ll also be able to pick up the full game during the free weekend timeframe for 50 percent off the regular price. There are a few pricing models, all of which can be found on the Endless Space Steam page. That’s also where you can find additional videos, screenshots and info, just in case a five-day free shot at the game isn’t enough to get you to take it for a test drive.

Also worth noting is the new “Echoes of the Endless” DLC, which will be a free download launching tomorrow. Everything from new music tracks and playable heroes to in-game tweaks, new missions and more is being added.

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