Mobile games trying to compete with console games just doesn't work. You can't buy an iPhone and expect something like The Last of Us from such a small device, even less than that could you expect anything to hold your attention in the same way. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't some games that make mobile game worth the financial venture, so long as it's fun and works right for the price.

That last statement seems to have been the cornerstone of success for titles such as Angry Birds and Temple Run, two games that found massive audiences despite having to trudge through the stigma of “hahaha, it's on an iPhone”. Now, this is not to say that the new game from Rainblade Studios, Equalize Math, is the next generation of awesome for mobile devices, but it is to say that it is highly attuned to the mobile experience and isn't one of those games trying to infringe on your precious console game time.

The small app recently made its debut on the iTunes app store for the low, low price of $1.99. It's a small fish in a big pond (or more like a lake) and it's just trying to find the bait of the right audience.

So what makes Equalize Math worth the time of day from a gamer who just wants to add a few more headshot achievements to the trophy case of their ego? Well, it actually tries to do something important and educational, which is more than what can be said for about 99% of the games on the app store.

Equalize Math is a fast-paced brain teasing number-crunching game. Based on that brief description, gamers who enjoy crunching stats in MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV might feel right at home. The object of the game is to stack the numbers you don't need off to the side, and put the numbers you do need into the right place. It sounds easy but it's a lot more challenging in play, especially as time works against you and quick muscle reflexes from your skull stuffing are required to advance.

Players will have to ratchet up score quickly as things become more complex and speed is soon required in equal measures as critical thinking.

The game is aimed at basically working out your brain without any of the physical supplements. Players who addict themselves to Equalize Math are basically hooking their brain on edutainment steroids.

Titles like this are aimed at both entertaining mobile gamers and educating in equal manners. Equalize Math is suggested for gamers 12 and up and can help with calculations, critical thinking and advanced logical processing.

At the $1.99 mark it's not something that's too much of a hard sell, assuming you're looking for fodder to feed your brain. The game is compatible with any iOS device running iOS 6.1 or higher, so if you're sporting something rather old you may have to upgrade to get the true benefits from the game.

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