Oh Eurogamer, who knew you were on the side of right and might? Before this epiphany I surely didn't think that one of the leading video game websites on the net would come down hard on an industry plagued with corrupt advertorialism. In an article by Rab Flarence he picks out some of the more disgusting practices permeating throughout the industry.

This year, more than any other before, the corruption in the video game industry has reared its head like never before. From the Capcom case and disc-locked content appearing in games like Street Fighter X Tekken, to EA and their mistreatment of brand-loyal fans with the Mass Effect 3 botch, 2012 was the culmination of corporate advertorial pandering run amok and the fallout that followed suit (and continues to follow suit).

Eurogamer actually “went there”, dabbling in the fallout by using an image of Geoff Keighley to call the famed headliner out for an obvious ploy of advertorialism. I'm not going to say much more than Eurogamer did about about the subject, instead I'll let the cardboard ad and Doritos do the talking.

Oh dang, I wonder what they're trying to promote in that image?

Rab doesn't stop there, though, the writer takes things a step further in calling out all the journalists who took part in the self-congratulatory Games Media Awards and as part of the promotion for the event, game journalists could win a free PS3 by hash-tagging their favorite game for the win. It was a “tweet about our game and win a PS3” contest. Many of the journalists taking part didn't see a problem with winning free swag to promote their favorite game for a publisher. Ad-men at their finest.

It's one of the things that I also find somewhat disturbing about the trend in reviewing...how these free games are passed around to overly-excited reviewers who basically score on a scale of 6 – 10, with 6 being a huge pile of dog feces that you wouldn't even recommended to a blind, sick, child molester. 7 is regarded as an absolute failure and worthy of only being played by the most hardened criminals who should be subjected to some unfathomable torture in the form of a video game...these games are also usually relegated to the “rent-bin” in the “Buy it, skip it, rent it” scale. 8 means you've got a bit of a winner save it's not perfect and only deserves to be picked up when it's on sale for $30.00 after all the hype has died down. 9 is hitting perfection territory, and this hinges on blatant advertorialism most times. 10 means it's an instant “OMG, GOTY! GOTY!.....GOOOOTTTYYYY!!!!”

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