The latest Steam Weekend Deal is for indie hit FTL: Faster Than Light. The space sim/strategy can be purchased on PC, Mac and Linux for $5, a 50% discount on the usual price.

In FTL, you play a starship captain who has to deliver an important message to the Federation fleet. Your journey will take you through asteroid fields, nebula and hostile star systems. You'll have to go toe-to-toe with hostile alien races and the rebel fleet pursuing you.

The galaxy of the game is randomized with each play-through. As captain, you'll have to react to all sorts of unexpected occurrences. Will you help a merchant ship being attacked by slavers or quickly leave? Your decisions could doom your crew or end up helping you on your mission.

You have to micromanage every aspect of your ship. You can upgrade the ship's attributes and purchase new equipment using resources acquired on your journey. In combat, you'll power up or power down individual systems. You'll also have to move your crew member through the ship to put out fires, fight off boarding parties, or repair damaged equipment.

The randomized nature of the game can make it feel like it's based solely on luck. The learning curve can be a bit harsh, too. Still, if you're a strategy fan looking for something a bit different and you like shows like Firefly or Star Trek, FTL might be what you're looking for.

The discount will end on Monday. Until then, you can purchase the chiptune soundtrack for 50% off as well.

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