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Fallout 4 Faces Mod Is Absolutely Terrifying

Bethesda Softworks has still yet to release the official modding tools for Fallout 4, but that hasn't stopped enterprising modders from making due with what little access to the files they already have. One of the new mods that have been making the rounds is a facial distortion mod that the creator claims makes the facial reactions more “immersive”.

NexusMods user AronoxAE has been updating and fixing a mod that makes the Fallout 4 faces a lot more... expressive. You can see the video of the mod in action below from YouTuber FancyPants.

The video is more disturbing than anything, but there are a couple of times where it's hard not to laugh out loud. A lot of people found the part at the 1:10 mark particularly hilarious – the stern look of disconcert on her face is just a laugh riot.

The mod certainly isn't perfect, though. We see that the characters in Fallout 4 have a lot of clipping issues where other parts of their face bust through their facial and neck structure, creating a rather ugly bit of distortion. A few times, though, the facial animations almost look like some kind of creepy machinima that comes out of Garry's Mod.

There's a second video from YouTuber Duck RubaDub that shows off a few more characters from around the wasteland with creepy, distorted faces. Check it out.

I can't get over the guy at the 36 second mark. He looks like a cross between The Rock and Johnny Bravo.

The mod is available right now for the public to download and play around with at their own leisure. And no, the mod will not destroy your saved game. It's also mentioned that it's possible to uninstall the game and not have your save game affected.

The mod does have some incompatibilities with anything that modifies the default .tri files. The facial mod can be manually installed by replacing a few strings and dumping the meshes into the Fallout 4 data folder. Alternatively you can just use the Fallout 4 mod installer to install the mod for you.

As is standard with all other Fallout 4 mods, it's noted on the description page that the files cannot be used in conjunction with any commercially released products. Bethesda made it known before that paid mods was not something they were going to entertain for Fallout 4, much to the relief of the hardcore gaming community.

You can download the immersive facial animation mod right now from over on Nexus Mods.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.