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A Fallout 4 announcement at E3 2015 is looking more and more likely. The latest clue about the game's upcoming reveal comes from a 3D artist's resume.

According to the artist's LinkedIn profile (spotted by Videogamer), he was employed by Mirada Studios from late 2014 to early 2015 to work on a Fallout 4 cinematic trailer. He's since deleted that line from his resume after he noticed all the attention it was getting.

Mirada Studios is a Los Angeles-based company which counts director Guillermo del Toro among its co-founders. They've worked primarily on advertisements and music videos in the past along with the opening for del Toro's Pacific Rim. Their gaming work includes the ad "Upside Down Test" for Mario Kart 8:

There have been a few signs in recent months that Bethesda is gearing up to announce Fallout 4. For starters, the company plans to hold their own press conference at E3 next month. It's the first time that the company has ever done so. That suggests that they have some big news to share with the world.

A report published last week said that Bethesda will show off 20-30 minutes of gameplay from Fallout 4. Today's hint about a cinematic trailer doesn't mean that's untrue. Bethesda could formally announce the game with a flashy CGI video and then dive right into a gameplay demo.

Bethesda first confirmed there would be a Fallout 4 back in 2008, when they said waiting ten years for a sequel to Fallout 3 would be too long. We're only three years from that informal deadline so a reveal seems more and more likely with each passing E3.

The first official details on Fallout 4 were revealed by leaked casting documents in late 2013. These documents revealed that the game will be set in the Boston area, now part of the new country Commonwealth formed after the nuclear apocalypse. The player character is allegedly a soldier who wakes up in a cryogenic sleep chamber at the outset of the campaign.

We'll find out whether that early information is still accurate at Bethesda's press conference on June 14th.

Will Fallout 4 Be Announced At E3 2015?

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