Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is now listed on the official Xbox website. The eighties-style adventure is apparently a standalone game and will be arriving on the first day of May.

Blood Dragon is described on Xbox.com as a "kick-ass cyber shooter." Players take on the role of Sargant Rex Colt, a cyber commando who must face off against an army of cyborgs. It's up to him to rescue the girl and save the world.

The game is styled after a 1980's action film. The previously released screenshots revealed that that the game's setting is a neon, post-apocalyptic hellscape. The Xbox.com summary says that, in addition to cyborgs, players will also face mutants and "blood dragons." It also mentions that, like Far Cry 3 itself, Blood Dragon will feature open-world exploration.

The 1980's style of Blood Dragon is completed by the inclusion of Michael Biehn. Biehn starred in numerous action movies from the era like Terminator, Navy Seals and Aliens. No word yet on what role he plays in this game, but based on his film roles it seems probable that he's the hero.

Though it has Far Cry 3 in front of its name, Blood Dragon isn't just a DLC pack for that game. Instead, it's going to be a completely standalone game. No price was mentioned, though.

Ubisoft still hasn't actually announced Blood Dragon. They did launch a spectacular website, though.

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