The Wii U has a ton of potential and is the only next-gen console that has a chance to separate itself from its bigger rivals by focusing purely on original game experiences. One of the main reasons the Wii U can afford to be different is because of its Gamepad, a motion-based touchpad that combines tablet-style gaming with home console entertainment. This device is opening a door wide and far for all manner of original and unique games, one of which is Fighter Attitude, a gesture-based fighting game.

Jorge Mijangos from Kaveluza commented that Nintendo has accepted the team as a registered developer for Nintendo platforms, meaning that they're able to port and make titles for Nintendo systems. In this case, Jorge has sights on porting Fighter Attitude from mobile devices to Nintendo's Wii U, while overhauling some of the features to better take advantage of the system's capabilities.

Fighter Attitude takes on a sort of fast-edge gesture system similar to EA Sports' Fight Night series, where players use swipes and flicks of movement to determine on-screen actions, as opposed to relying on traditional button presses. This means that players will swipe the screen to do a certain kind attack or combo, similar to games on the Wii like Okami or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

This could easily open the door to a number of other gesture-based fighting games to take advantage of the Wii U's gamepad, where invigoration and innovation is sorely lacking right now in the mainstream gaming arena. That's not to mention that a game like Fighter Attitude making to an FGC tournament would also be pretty big given that it would require an extremely different kind of skill-set and strategic palette of reaction mechanics on the player's end to out-fight and out-last an opponent.

According to Mijangos, the reason he's pursuing a release on the Wii U is because it's an opportunity to have a different kind of game shine on a home console, as opposed to dealing with the stiff competition and unresponsive core community in the mobile market. In fact, Jorge Mijangos is one of the many mobile developers who have become disillusioned to the false promise of prestige in the supposedly lucrative mobile market. Many mobile developers realized the claims of proficuous opportunities on tablet and smartphone gaming was relegated to those who could afford to market big, or those who got lucky like Rovio or Imangi Studios.

Kaveluza is aiming to remove “luck” from the equation and focus on building up the quality of Fighter Attitude to arrive on the Nintnedo Wii U where gamers can explore a different kind of fighting experience. While the graphics and fighting could still use some polish making the leap from a mobile device to a home console, I like that Fighter Attitude is being ambitious in an attempt to change up the fighting game genre, especially in the competitive scene.

Once more details become available on a release window and Wii U centric features we'll provide additional updates. Regardless, Nintendo's Wii U is going to be on the receiving end of some very interesting games in 2014.

You can learn more about Fighter Attitude over on the iTunes app page or pick up the game for Windows 8 Phones right now from the Windows Phone store.

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