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The gesture-based fighting game for the iOS has received some new content and an expanded control scheme for people weren't savvy on the whole screen-swiping mechanics. The new on-screen game pad is also accompanied by news that a Windows Phone version of the game is also in the works.

Fighter Attitude is one of the few fighting games for mobile devices that's actually a real fighting game. In fact, the designer has been considering a port to the Wii U, which would technically make it the first gesture-based fighting game for Nintendo's tablet-based home console thanks to the company's new policies on accepting indie concepts and games.

The new update for Fighter Attitude includes brand new effects and graphical updates, as the game slowly climbs toward console-quality visuals. The major overhaul in the update, however, is for the secondary control scheme option that allows players to use the on-screen gamepad layout as opposed to using the screen-swipe setup that's currently implemented. Players can also adjust the size and the layout of the buttons to suit their fighting game control-scheme needs.

Additional character intros has also made the cut along with brand new and improved animations. The character designs have also undergone some improvements, leveling-up from their previous incarnations. It's almost like the game underwent a major facelift on Total Makeover or something like that. Does that show still come on?

Anyway, achievements have also become a large part of the game's repertoire, with more than 50 different achievements to unlock or gain by playing the game. That's quite impressive for a mobile title.

The Windows 8 phone version is expected to arrive a few weeks from now. I have no idea who still uses a Windows Phone but for the few people who do you'll be able to play Fighter Attitude on the smartphone. While it's probably one of the only few games for the Windows Phone, at least you'll have something decent to play.

Hopefully Kaveluza can get registered as official developers under Nintendo and amp the game up for a potential eShop release. That would be a pretty epic move and we all know Nintendo could use a few non-traditional games to help flesh out the library of their home console.

In the meantime, you can purchase Fighter Attitude for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from the iTunes app store for only $0.99. You can also check out a slightly longer trailer of the game below.

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