The story of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn continues to grow as the latest patch, 2.25, finally goes live. An in-between update separate of the major changes typically brought on by the full numbered patches, “Through the Malestrom” still adds in some new missions, a new chunk of story campaign, loads of new items and more.

“Fans of PvP will be excited to learn that today's patch increases the PvP to Rank 40 (previously 30) and introduces new job-specific PvP gear for each job to wear into battle,” reads the official announcement from Square Enix.

But there's fare more to the update than that, as can be seen on the game's website, where a full rundown of the patch updates can be found. You might recall that I recently reviewed the PlayStation 4 version of A Realm Reborn recently (also available on PS3 and PC) and enjoyed myself quite a bit. It's updates like these that have me feeling pretty confident that I'll be sticking around for a while, coming back to enjoy the major updates from time to time and, as is the case with Through the Malestrom, the smaller doses of tweaks and new content that comes in between.

“Patch 2.2 contains myraid additions and refinements to the realm of Eorzea,” reads the official announcement. “Players seeking the thrill of combat can face off with the Leviathan or brave the new twists and turns of the Binding Coil. Artisans can try their hand at demanding new recipes, and master anglers can reel in legendary denizens of the deep. From new dealings with the beast tribes to new dances sweeping the land, there is much to see and more to do in the ever-changing realm of Eorzea.”

So, even though this isn't quite 3.0, there's still plenty of new things to see and do. And also new things to kill, I suppose.

There are about 20 new main campaign missions to tackle, ending with the titular “Through the Maelstrom,” which sees players squaring off with a deadly god of the sea. Another two “Chronicles of a new Era” missions have also been added, along with another two chapters in the binding of Bahamut storyline. Another 20-odd new side quests for multiple levels have also been dropped into the game.

For those who enjoy tackling quests for the other species living in the region, there's also a bunch of new stuff you can do for the Kobold and Sahagin beast tribes in FFXIV.

If diving into long-forgotten corridors and looting treasure is more your speed, two new dungeons have also been added for players who have reached the level cap.

And despite this only being a “mini-update,” that's only scratching the surface of the long list of changes being added in 2.2. So, if you play, hop on, check out some of the new content and help the warriors of light move one step closer to securing a bright future for the people of Eorzea.

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