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The world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn continues to evolve with the launch of two new patches offering up game tweaks and new content. The first, out today, is an untitled patch that offers some new gear and a much-requested repair upgrade for adventurers on the go. The second, called “Defenders of Eorzea,” is coming down the pipeline and offers a special focus on dungeon-related tweaks.

Square Enix Community Project Manager Hergen Thaens made the announcement official this morning, explaining the Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.28 will arrive sometime today, giving the heroes of Eorzea a few new things to cheer about. Thaens goes on to highlight two of the main additions from today's update, but you can also find the full patch notes right here.

For starters, today's update will finally make Novus Weapons available.

“It's essential for every adventurer trying to make their way in Eorzea to be appropriately equipped,” Thaens explained. “Currently, there are three paths to weapons that will enable you to beat even the most devastating raid bosses.”

These weapon types are primal, which you can earn by defeating—you guessed it—primals, Zodiac weapons, obtainable through especially difficult quest chains, and Allagan weapons, which you can't earn until toward the very end of the current campaign in the Coil of Bahamut missions.

Novus weapons, on the other hand, can be seen as the next step in the Zodiac path. You'll be able to snag them by continuing through the ever-expanding Saga of the Zodiac missions, and the even have adjustable stats.

The other big change with today's update is the ability to repair your gear during raids. Later in the game, baddies dish out quite a beating on your armor and weapons, and that can frequently leave warriors defenseless once they've made it deep into on of those monster dens. Now an appropriately leveled craftsman will be able to repair equipment on the go, and they won't even need to change classes to do it. Nice.

As for upcoming Patch 2.3: Defenders of Eorzea, players can expect even more ways to sink countelss hours into A Realm Reborn. A new primal fight with Ramuh is on the way, as well as an outdoor dungeon, Hullbreaker Isle.

New hard modes will be added for the Stone Vigil and Tam-Tara Deepcroft dungeons, and a new skill, Desynthesis, will allow players to deconstruct their loot in the hopes of gaining some vaulable raw materials.

Also, you'll finally be able to respec your chocobo companion, meaning you can adjust the feathered fellow's abilities and gear him toward another path if his current abilities simply aren't cutting it for you.

No word yet on when patch 2.3 will be here, but Hergen Thaens made it sound like the wait won't be too long. Not hard to believe, considering the fact that the last update came out just last month. Otherwise, you can dive into update 2.28 starting today on your PC, PS3, or PS4.
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