Final Fantasy Hero's Costume Changed Because It's Too Sexy

It looks like some trouble is brewing in the creative department of the latest Final Fantasy game. Apparently the main character's outfit was just way too sexy for some people. In fact, the outfit was so sexy that Square had to change it.

Eurogamer does a brief piece on the alteration made to the main character in the upcoming game Mobius Final Fantasy. It's one of Square's new titles in the long running Final Fantasy series.

According to a translation RocketNews24 the game's producer, Yoshinori Kitase, commented about the main character's digs, saying...

"After we released the screenshots in December, we looked at the various reactions we were getting online, and in the end, showing this much skin..."

The host of a Japanese entertainment show finished Kitase's thoughts, with Asuna saying...

“It's kind of sexy... a little too sexy.”

Apparently this was a hotly debated issue at some point on the internet, according to Kitase, but I have to be honest, before they said anything about it this was the first time I've actually heard about it. I mean, we hear a lot about Cid the mechanic from Final Fantasy XV. A lot of guys apparently like her... a lot of other people apparently don't, and mostly because of her figure and her attire. You can check out the sort of visual change that the main character underwent with the before and after image of his clothes change below.

With this kid from this new Final Fantasy, it seems a little like a bit of manufactured controversy. Then again, maybe this was a big topic over in Japan's social media sphere and North Americans and Europeans just missed out on it. However, producer Kitase states that they will be taking gamer feedback into consideration as they progress and develop the title, mentioning...

"For this game, we're moving forward during development and letting it evolve while taking into consideration users' opinions, so I asked the character designer to make a change,"

It's also mentioned that the outfit could make a return in the upcoming Final Fantasy title. Knowing Square's recent history with the way they've handled outfits and gear in the past, especially with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and all the outfits that were available to the title character, it wouldn't be too surprising if we saw Square Enix bring back the attire as some form of downloadable content.

Most users responded to the news saying things like “What?” and “Really?”. The main thing is that the people who don't like the outfit have opted to not really care too much. The people who don't mind just don't mind, and the people who like it are giving their approval. Overall, before this made its way into the media spotlight it seemed like something most people just didn't care about... well, outside of Japan anyway.

Mobius Final Fantasy is the latest title in development over at Square Enix and is set to release over in Japan for mobile devices. Right now there hasn't been any detailed plans for releasing the game in the Americas or Europe.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.