Square Enix Abandons The World Ends With You Mobile Version

Update: Square Enix sent over a statement about The World Ends With You that indicates the game could come back to the App Store in the future:

Upon examining the impact of recent iOS updates to the title, we determined that the affected areas were greater than originally assumed.We were working to address this matter, however, the title has been regrettably pulled from the Store.Square Enix is actively working with all related parties to make available the software update; however at this time, we are unable to communicate a clear and adequate timeline. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to determine a solution.

If you want a refund, Square Enix advises you to contact Apple.

Original article: Square Enix made its latest in a long line of questionable moves over the weekend, giving up hope that the developer will ever be able to fix the iOS version of its popular touch-controlled RPG/Action game, The World Ends With You: Solo Remix, and instead opting to simply pull it from the mobile platform altogether.

For those unfamiliar with The World Ends With You, the game began life on the original Nintendo DS. In it, players are sucked into a world where god-like beings offer challenges that mean the difference between life and death. Waging war on the streets of Tokyo, you had to help average citizens find their happiness in life while simultaneously fighting off shadowy monsters in a battle engine that took place across both screens. While using the stylus to tap out commands on the bottom screen, you had to use the D-Pad to chain together combos on the to screen. It was a pretty cool system and, once you got the hang of it, proved very rewarding.

The Solo Remix of The Word Ends With You made some adjustments to the formula, namely in the fighting department, as a touchscreen isn't exactly ideal for that sort of split-brain combat.

The game started experiencing some problems in recent months, especially since iOS8 dropped. Square Enix appeared to be working on a fix for the game but, according to a recent announcement, they've basically thrown in the towel. As of last weekend, the statement says that the iPhone/iPad version of the game “has been suspended.”

“We are actively working with all related parties to make the service available again; however, we are as yet unable to inform you of any clear and definite timeline,” reads the announcement.

As a result, the app has been removed from the iOS market and, even if you own the game, you won't be able to re-download it. In short, and as the post title states, the game has been “suspended.”

Forgive my ignorance, but I'm curious as to what, exactly, could be so wrong with a mobile game that the programmers at Square Enix simply can't figure it out. I mean, there are tiny teams of indie developers who are able to keep their games up and running through iOS updates, and one of the biggest names in the business seems to be stumped by it.

Following the lackluster Final Fantasy VII HD reveal and the super-secret and ultimately disappointing Spelunker reveal, I'm starting to wonder how tone-deaf a single developer can be. Other than that new Dissidia game, it's been nothing but downers from Square Enix for quite some time. And now that I've said that, I await news that Dissidia will not be ported to consoles or brought over to the US, as Square Enix has decided it will only be available in like three very specific arcades in Japan.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.