Final Fight, Magic Sword Coming To PSN And Xbox Live Next Spring

Capcom announced today that two of their old side-scrolling beat 'em ups will be re-released in a digital bundle through Xbox Live and PSN. Final Fight: Double Impact is expected to arrive in April 2010.

The first game included in the package is, obviously, Final Fight. Final follows a group of vigilantes as they attempt to rescue the mayor's daughter from a crime syndicate. Oh yeah, and the mayor is one of the playable characters. He wears suspenders with no shirt. Bad-ass.

Magic Sword, meanwhile, has a medieval fantasy setting. A warrior must cleanse an evil tower of its, uh...evil. Eventually he'll have to face Drokmar, a dark lord determined to destroy humanity. The player is assisted in his quest by eight different companions, each with their own unique abilities.

Both games will be updated with HD graphics, though you can play the game in the pixelated "classic" look as well. You can also switch to an "arcade cabinet" mode to make it look like you're playing the game at a pizza parlor (or arcade, I guess). Double Impact will also have online multiplayer, with other players able to hop in and out of your games at will. Leaderboards will allow you to see how your high score stacks up against the world.

No word on the price of this bundle. The announcement was made by Capcom Europe so it's possible we won't get it here in North America or that it has a different release window. We'll let you know if that's the case, though.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.