We've had a lot of horror games get announced recently, especially in the wake of the viral popularity of the whole Slender: The Eight Pages from Parsec Productions that took the internet gaming community by storm last year. Well, the latest game to take a similar concept and run wild with it is the upcoming game, The Forest.

A minute long teaser trailer was released to give gamers a brief idea of how it all works and there is a steep survival element present in The Forest that might remind people of the recent game from Klei, Don't Starve. The trailer starts off like something out of a JJ Abrams movie and then it eventually settles into a sort of Crysis environment with some Spielberg-esque solemnity, but that doesn't last long and then eventually the M. Night Shyamalan horror kicks into high gear.

I love the way the game looks and I love the way the trailer was put together. The slow build to high tension was perfectly executed and I'm hoping the developers know how to capitalize on the atmosphere they built up in the trailer to deliver a worthwhile game around that idea.

Of course, before The Forest can be officially launched for public consumption, it needs your approval to appear on the Steam Store. So before you can say “take my money!” you have to get Valve to greenlight the game.

If The Forest is your kind of game and you really want to see it come to fruition on Steam, be sure to pay a visit to the official Greenlight page and give the game an upvote or two.

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