Eight years ago, a group of Half-Life fans set out to remake the 1998 shooter. Today players can experience this project, Black Mesa, for themselves for no charge.

Black Mesa rebuilds the original game using the Source engine of Half-Life 2. You can see the updated visuals here. The game sports all-new music, voice acting, and choreography. New dialogue has been added in as well.

The version released today features most of the campaign. You'll be able to play from the beginning until the Lambda Core stages. The Xen chapters of the game as well as the multiplayer deathmatch modes will be released at a later date.

The website for the remake is being slammed with traffic as of now. If you're looking to download the game this afternoon, you might want to try an alternate link. Shacknews is hosting a direct download, and the developers have also released it via torrent.

Black Mesa was one of the first games chosen through Steam Greenlight. Soon you'll be able to download the title through Steam and get updates and Achievements through that platform.

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