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40 fast-paced, action-packed levels will be present in the sequel to one of the few popular party games on the Xbox. Save, the sequel will be exclusive for the Xbox 360. A while back it was announced that Microsoft would be releasing weekly updates for the upcoming game, and inside you can get a look at two more worlds that will be available in Fusion Frenzy 2.

Amuseth and Moisture are the focus of this weeks exposition. Both worlds offer gamers something different and unique, including a cutting edge mini-game that involves a kaleidoscope and a sure bet someone will end up on the floor dizzy and vomiting. Here’s the details of both worlds below:


What better place to host gambling events than on a planet that has been turned into a gigantic casino? Planet Amuseth is the gambler's paradise blanketed in shimmering displays and spectacular attractions bright enough to be seen from outer space. Fortune-hunting adventurers and swashbuckling daredevils from all over the universe are attracted to the world with dreams of scoring big.

• Hot Shot: Score points by knocking balls of your color off the stage! Turn the balls into your color by hitting them, but beware - other players can turn your balls into their colors by hitting them as well!

• Pinball Battle: It's mayhem as you weave around the enclosed stage dodging giant balls bouncing everywhere. As time passes, the number of balls increases and they become harder to dodge. Can you be the last one standing or will you be knocked out.

• Kaleidoscope Survival: Speed along a tubular course on auto-drive, picking up capsules that deal damage to the wall before you. The more capsules you grab, the more sections of the wall are destroyed, allowing you to zoom through. Crashing against the wall decreases your HP. The last player still zipping around wins.

• Cash Clash: A giant spinning roulette wheel displays players’ numbers. The stakes are high because when the wheel stops, only one lucky player is equipped with a hammer. Others pounded by the hammer will drop coins that are worth points. This means that if you are hit, you actually lose points! The player with the most points when the timer expires wins.


It is, as the name might suggest, wet on planet Moisture. In fact, 99 percent of the planet's surface is water, lending contestants a chance to compete in all manners of aquatic events. Numerous mysterious ruins suggest that an ancient culture once thrived here until sea levels rose dramatically and swallowed it beneath the unforgiving waves.

• Hopping No Stopping: Compete on automated jumping machines. The trick is to hop from one sea creature to another (as many as you can) as they poke their heads out of the water. Do not feed the sea creatures landing in an open mouth will not be fun!

• Over The Falls: Above a rushing waterfall, a series of floating boards moves downstream toward the players, each board displaying A, B, X, or Y. Leap to the next board by pressing the appropriate button. Move too slowly and you will be swept over the falls! The last player remaining wins.

• Don't Sink The Boat: Players are positioned in stationary floating turrets equipped with high-pressure water pumps. Work those muscles and pump water out of your turret to spray and sink your enemies. The last player to remain afloat wins. Of course, two players working together will sink an opponent twice as fast!

• Underwater Rumble: Duke it out in slow motion on the ocean floor. Watch out for your air supply as well as your HP if you run out of air, you will take damage. Replenish your air by swimming through the rising bubbles.

Stay tuned in, as next week we’ll bring you more inside info on Microsoft’s latest party game for the Xbox 360, Fusion Frenzy 2.