GTA 5 Players Can Now Become The Incredible Hulk

The Grand Theft Auto V mod community continues to roll out some impressive tweaks for everyone’s favorite crime-a-thon and, this week, the latest update taking the game by storm is big, mean and green. Just don’t make him angry.

In case those hints were somehow too vague for you, I’m talking about a new Grand Theft Auto V mod that lets you step into the stretchy shorts of none other than the Incredible Hulk. The “Hulk script mod” is obviously for PC versions of the game only, and it comes to us courtesy of JulioNIB.

If you’ve ever wondered what GTAV would look like with an Avenger rampaging through the streets, well, now you know.

As you can see in the video above, the Hulk mod includes all of the jolly green giant’s signature moves such as leaping high into the air, running at great speeds and smashing the ever-loving hell out of things. You can even pick up cars and chuck them, or clap your hands together to create a shockwave. Hulk is also immune to pretty much any type of damage, as bullets don’t even phase the guy. The only thing that’s missing from the big guy’s typical roster of moves is the ability to run along buildings, so fingers crossed that gets added in an update.

If you head to that original link to JulioNIB’s page, all of the information you need to get rolling with the Hulk mod for GTA V is listed, including necessary plugins and the like. He note that the latest game patch should also be downloaded for the best experience. A separate link is provided for full installation notes.

And if destroying cars and punting puny humans isn’t fun enough for you, you can also call in one of the Hulk’s most notorious enemies, the Abomination. The Abomination seems to have all of the same moves as the Hulkster, along with a hefty dose of power. Expect to be pummeling each other across the map for hours.

Its stuff like this that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy for the future of games. I don’t doubt that mods like this Hulk update for GTAV take a lot of work, so people making them as a passion project says to me that we’ve got a lot of keen up and coming talent ready to enter the industry.

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