GTA 5 Online Event Celebrates San Andreas' 10th Anniversary

Believe it or not, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released 10 years ago. Rockstar Games will celebrate this milestone with a special GTA Online weekend event.

Throughout the weekend, GTA Online players can access a playlist called "San Andreas Throwback Jobs." Playing these jobs will earn them double the normal RP and GTA$ rewards. The "San Andreas Throwback Jobs" can be found through the "Playlists" section of the GTA Online start menu.

Crate drops throughout the weekend will come with exclusive rewards. Players can find one of four t-shirts emblazoned with the logo of a radio station from San Andreas. The stations featured include Bounce FM, K-DST, K-JAH and K-Rose. As usual, the crates will also be loaded with weapons and GTA$.

Players who want to represent Grove Street Families can buy green clothing at a 50% discount throughout the weekend. The price of BMX bikes and bandanas is getting a similar price cut. Auto shops will also lower your suspension for 25% less than usual, making it easy for players to create lowriders.

Like previous GTA Online weekend events, the San Andreas event will be marked with a Snapmatic contest. Players are encouraging to take in-game photos and tag them as #GTASanAndreas for a chance to win.

"Whether it's repping outside the Cluckin' Bell in Davis or catching some air off Mount Chiliad, capture your San Andreas homages in a Snapmatic shot this weekend and you could win a retro prize pack courtesy of Rockstar Games. There are five packs up for grabs, each containing a San Andreas themed Basketball, Bandana, special 10th Anniversary tees, Playing Cards & Poker Chips, the Kubrick Box Set, and stickers."

Rockstar will kick off the San Andreas weekend with a livestreamed event on Friday at 4 pm ET. During the Twitch broadcast, they'll dive into the "San Andreas Throwback Jobs" playlist with the Jobs' creators along with some other Twitch and YouTube personalities.

The GTA Online event might not be the only way that Rockstar celebrates the anniversary. There's also a rumor that they're going to release a remastered version of the game on Xbox 360 and PS3. The prime evidence for this re-release is a set of leaked Achievements. The game was already released on those consoles in years past, but it was merely a last-gen port with no Achievements or other enhancements.

Rockstar has yet to confirm the alleged San Andreas remake. However, I wouldn't put it past them to simply spruce up the game a bit and then reintroduce it to PS3 and Xbox 360 owners. Many gamers considered San Andreas to be the best game in the series and Rockstar could get some serious nostalgia sales out of a remake, even if it's enhancements are nominal (e.g. "Now with Achievements and widescreen support!").

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.