GTA 5 Online Video Recreates Gone In 60 Seconds Bridge Jump

Gone In 60 Seconds is a mostly terrible movie but it does have some nice stunt driving. A group of GTA 5 players decided to reenact one of the best stunts within Los Santos.

In the film scene, Nicolas Cage is fleeing from the police in a 1967 Mustang. He reaches the Vincent Thomas bridge, only to find that it's blocked with traffic. Fortunately, there's a tow truck nearby that he can use as a ramp to jump over many, many cars.

There are a couple small ways the video could've been better. First, the car in the GTA 5 recreation is black rather than gray. Second, the cop pursuing the Nicolas Cage character in the video doesn't look anything like Delroy Lindo, the actor playing the detective in the movie scene. Here's the original film scene for comparison:

Still, this reenactment nails the crucial detail: the bugshit crazy jump. It looks as improbable and cartoon-like here as it does in the film. It's not as insane as jumping between two cargo planes or flying through the Vinewood sign but it's still glorious. Thank god for conveniently placed tow truck ramps.

The video's creators gave a shoutout to SirRockNRolla. He's the Reddit user that gave them the idea. SirRockNRolla published screenshots of his own recreation about a week and a half ago:

GTA 5 Gone In 60 Seconds

Recreating movie scenes has become a very popular hobby for GTA 5 players as of late. Last month gamers acted out the train scene from Skyfall. Another group created a parody of the Purge: Anarchy trailer.

GTA Online players who don't want to make movie reenactments will have some new diversions soon. The game will receive an update tomorrow that lets players create their own Capture Mode jobs. Rockstar is also planning to release a High Life DLC pack soon that adds new jobs, apartments and vehicles to the game.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.