GTA 5 PC Mod Turns Bullets Into Cars

Now here's a mod that's so ridiculous it's actually kind of cool. The mod turns the game's bullets into cars. Yes, the bullets that you shoot in GTA V are transformed into cars. The results are pretty much what you would expect from cars being blasted out of a gun at a high rate of velocity. Check out the video below from the appropriately named YouTube channel GTA 5 Mods.

The video is basically three minutes of the player running around and shooting cars out of guns. Even when switching from the mini-gun to the assault rifle it still shoots cars at high velocity. It's quite insane, really.

The mod is a script, so you'll need the Script Hook V .asi loader in order to make use of it. Once the dll is in the game folder you simply press 'F11' and you're now in possession of a vehicle cannon.

The comment section below the video exploded due to the fact that Rockstar has been very vigilant in banning people who use mods in GTA V. The bans are handed out to anyone who uses a mod that alters gameplay in GTA Online.

There have also been a lot of claims about Rockstar banning people for using mods in single-player. The reality is that they're not just banning people who boot up the single-player with scripts or trainers, but they're banning people who use the mods in single-player, disable them, but keep the files in the main folder when switching over to play GTA Online. Rockstar runs a check on the game files and logs it, so even if you only use mods in single-player you need to make sure you remove those files from the main GTA V directory if you plan to play online.

Additionally, Rockstar had mentioned in an e-mail to an inquiring gamer that they were not banning people for cosmetic mods, as reported by DSO Gaming.

The clarification on “cosmetic” is kind of missing from the conversation because a lot of gamers aren't entirely sure if that also applies to things like the FOV slider, but it's pretty obvious that something like the car-shooter would definitely not align as a cosmetic mod.

Modders and Rockstar have been butting heads since the release of GTA V because the game is hard-encrypted where the files cannot be modified the way they could with GTA IV or other previous games in the series. Instead, select modders are now hard at work attempting to find a way for other modders to be able to extract, edit and compress the files once again while bypassing the encryption lock. If it sounds like some ridiculous spy stuff, that's because it is.

In the meantime, scripting mods are still being made available and they don't require the whole decryption process. This includes things like the recent gravity gun mod or the alien invasion mod.

If you like being able to shoot cars at the speed of a bullet, you can grab the mod from over on GTA Inside.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.