GTA San Andreas Finally Arrives On PS3

Rockstar Games' infamous blockbuster, GTA: San Andreas, has finally become available on the PlayStation 3 as a digital download over on the PlayStation store. The game is available for download for the budget price of $14.99, joining a slew of other titles for the PS Vita and the PlayStation 4.

Over on the PlayStation store there's an update showing all the new games that are available for PlayStation owners – whether that's the PS3, PS4 or the PS Vita – and the range of games are as eclectic as they come.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas originally released back in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, and it was followed up a year later with a release on the OG Xbox, where it had a slight bump up in graphics fidelity and frame-rate. The game later came to PC and even mobile devices before, giving gamers who like to steal cars and shoot cops a bit of naughty, criminal fun to play while on the go.

The game is finally available on the PlayStation 3, silently slipping onto the digital storefront for all PlayStation 3 owners to purchase digitally just in time for the snowy, Christmas season.

GTA: San Andreas did not appear on the digital storefront alone. Rockstar's controversial masterpiece was joined by a variety of other noteworthy games, including Ubisoft's somewhat under-promoted multiplayer shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege for the PS4.

Other PS4 titles launched includes Avalanche Studios and Square Enix's Just Cause 3, which is part of the line-up of newly released titles, along with Torn Banner's Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – a game that was ported over to the PS4 to run at 1080p and 60fps, I might add. There's Handball 16 and a new Kung-Fu Panda game.

Most surprising to me are the niche titles currently added to the PS4's line-up, such as DariusBurst and the Legend of Kage. The former has a rather hefty price tag of $59.99, where-as the latter can be obtained for only $7.99.

The PS3 and PS Vita games mostly share the same titles, with Handball 16 and Kung Fu Panda being made available for both Sony's other systems. Outside of GTA: San Andreas, the PS3's line-up was rather sparse and unimpressive.

Sadly Rockstar's decade-old masterpiece hasn't really held up too well unless it's heavily modded, especially in regards to fixing the frame-rate limiter and the controls. The older GTA titles now have a notoriously bad habit of being difficult to control on newer systems if the frame-rate is above 30fps. There's a lot of flimsy oversteering that takes place, so hopefully Rockstar addressed that with the re-release of the game on the PS3. On PC if you attempt to play the game on a newer system where the frame-rate is unlocked it's practically unplayable. Limited to 30fps you can get by with a controller, but attempting to play it at 60fps requires a lot of tweaking and patience due to an over-sensitivity of the input latency.

Anyway, GTA: San Andreas is available right now on PS3 and you can grab a digital copy right from the PlayStation store.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.