GameStop Offers 50% Extra In-Store Credit Coupon For Trade-Ins

As an absolute palm-to-the-face of the former Xbox One's policies, GameStop wants gamers to cash-in and cash-in big on used game trade-ins. That's right, if you want some cash back (or store credits, in this case) you can do so by using the available 50% extra in-store credit coupon that GameStop has made available to the gaming public.

Now, this coupon pictured below will enable you to make the most of GameStop's Summer PlayCation. You can trade-in any game or device, including but not limited to a smartphone, tablet, media player or portable gaming device, and you will receive a 50% in-store credit towards your next purchase.

This is a great way to really show that despite gamers feeling unbelievably ripped off most times with GameStop, they at least encourage you to make use of your consumer rights and the First Sale Doctrine – a right and a doctrine that would have been nullified under the previous regime of Microsoft's tyrannical policies for the Xbox One.

Despite the glee from some diehard fanboys that Microsoft was forced to retract their totalitarian methodology for controlling your living room with their product, many other gamers aren't so forgiving or forgetful.

The attempted ravenous and non-consensual ravaging of your rights at the hands of Microsoft should not be let go lightly by the community. If some perv tried that on your sister and failed, but then came back to the house to ask her out on a date, even a pencil-necked dweeb would punch him in the lip and kick him in the nuts.

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Thankfully, GameStop is cashing in on this righteous anger and rightfully so. They would have been crippled by the Xbox One's old policies, even though they could have been cut in on the Azure licensing service.

At this junction, GameStop just wants gamers to embrace the freedom of choice, and this spans the likes of multiple devices, game systems and games.

You can get in on this deal right now using the coupon above at participating GameStop locations. If you really want to drive the point home to Microsoft about exercising your right to trade, borrow or resale your game as you see fit, you might be inclined to pick up a competitor's console just to pad the numbers in favor of Microsoft's rivals.

To learn more about the Summer Playcation, be sure to head on over to the official GameStop website.

Power to the players, Microsoft.

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Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.