Another playable character in Infinite Crisis has been detailed by Turbine. Green Lantern, the galactic policemen, will be able to use his ring of power to carve up the battlefield.

The Green Lantern's ring allows him to wield light energy. He can hit enemies with a barrage of missiles, or bring a massive energy construct down on their head. He can build a fighter jet out of energy to crash into a group of foes, stunning those near the epicenter.

In a match, he functions as a ranged DPS. He's not suited for melee combat so he must keep enemies at a distance. He has abilities that can slow or stop enemies in their tracks so that he can hit-and-run (or "kite") them.

Turbine has lined up several high-profile DC characters for the game. Previous characters spotlighted by the developer include Batman and Wonder Woman. The game's lore involves parallel worlds so players will have access to several versions of the same heroes.

Infinite Crisis is coming to the PC later in 2013. You can sign up for the beta at the official website.

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