The Coalition and Microsoft unveiled the big trailer that had been teasing and building up over the past week. The trailer clocks in at only a minute long, and it made its debut during the second season premiere of Fear The Walking Dead.

After premiering on live television, Microsoft posted the trailer online for everyone to see via the official Gears of War website. You can see the trailer for yourself by checking it out below.

Featuring a remix of Simon and Garfunkle's “Sound of Silence”, the Gears of War 4 trailer (dubbed “Tomorrow”) tries to go for a dichotomous view between JD Fenix trapped in a rather dangerous predicament, and his peaceful childhood where he's planting trees in a garden with his father Marcus Fenix.

The trailer quickly bounces back and forth between the two scenes; one is light and one is dark. One is peaceful and one is not. As his younger self we see JD enjoying time with his parents, where-as when he gets older we see him on the run from some dangerous looking creatures who won't give him any quarter.

No actual gameplay is on display, but we do get to see JD shooting at the creatures following him while brushing past burnt embers and fiery trees. The clip ends with JD hopping over a fallen tree that bears the carvings that Marcus put into the tree when JD was younger, hinting that JD has returned home.

The trailer for Gears of War 4 wasn't quite what I was expecting. The teaser that preceded the trailer hinted at JD being accompanied by Kait and Del, his two comrades. However, the full trailer had the other two nowhere to be seen during the action. I'm sure we'll get to see JD's comrades at some point down the line.

The trailer itself is like a prerequisite for the upcoming closed beta test set to take place on April 18th next week for the Xbox One. A lot of fans who have been waiting for a proper sequel to the 2011 outing of Gears of War 3. Between that time there have been two more Gears of War games, but they weren't canonically progressive, with Gears of War: Judgment being a prequel that fans weren't all too pleased with, and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition being nothing more than a hold-me-over remake of the original Gears of War that came out back in 2006.

This newest game will move the story forward by introducing new heroes, new villains, new combat mechanics and brand new weapons. Games will get a small taste of what's to come with the multiplayer beta, as it preps for the full release of Gears of War 4,which is due to drop this upcoming fall on October 11, exclusively for the Xbox One.

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