Gears of War: Judgment won't be out for two weeks but Epic Games is releasing the launch trailer now anyway. This cinematic trailer shows the four-man Kilo Squad in action.

Kilo Squad is led by Damon Baird, the techie from the original Gears trilogy. His companion from the trilogy, Cole Train, also serves in the squad. The two are joined by newcomers Sofia Hendrik and Garron Paduk.

Judgment is set before the first Gears. The humans of Sera are being overrun by the Locust Horde. Baird and his team will do anything it takes to save humanity. Their unusual tactics result in a court martial by Colonel Ezra Loomis. The "trial" can be seen about halfway through the trailer.

The song in the trailer, in case you're wondering, is "Shooting the Moon" by the UK-based band Mona.

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