Get A Closer Look At Fallout 4's Pip-Boy Edition

With the full release of Fallout 4 just days away, some YouTubers have already been given an opportunity to play the game ahead of everyone else and they've also been given permission to post up unboxing videos so everyone can see what's in the limited Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4.

YouTuber ChampChong slowly unpackages the contents of the rare Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 – a collector's package that Bethesda only made limited quantities of – and showcased to gamers the giant box that it comes in, resembling that of a Vault-Tec safe. He unlatches it and pulls out the giant, life-sized, operable Pip-Boy device that fits over the wrist of the user and actually allows users to insert an iPhone or Android smart device. What do you do with the Pip-Boy once your smartphone is locked inside of it? Well, the battery operated Pip-Boy works in conjunction with a Fallout 4 mobile companion app. The app enables users to track their character stats, look over their inventory and scout the game map. It's an intuitive companion app that actually adds something to the physical immersion factors that Bethesda is attempting to bridge between gamers and their latest title in the series.

The unboxing video also showcases that the Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 also comes with a season pass with the codes to retrieve the game's unreleased DLC. There's the copy of the game – which was for the Xbox One, by the way – and a manual. Yes, a physical manual that users could read through and actually learn something from it. I thought those were extinct for the longest but it's nice to see those manuals make a comeback. I remember back in the old days a game wasn't complete unless it came with a fresh smelling manual.

The video, unfortunately, doesn't showcase any gameplay whatsoever. The whole thing is centered around Chong just taking things out of the box. He does manage to boot up the Pip-Boy ever so briefly, but the companion app for Fallout 4 isn't available to the public just yet. So instead we just see a repeating splash screen on the Pip-Boy during the unboxing video.

Some users used that opportunity to flood the comment section with a ton of questions. Chong was so overwhelmed that he directed people to ask him questions over on Twitter to cut down on the clutter. Even still, most gamers were curious about strapping on the Pip-Boy device and the thing being too big for their wrists. According to Chong there are wrist straps available, in addition to the clamps to keep the entire thing from sliding, flipping and hanging loosely from the wearer's arm.

Unfortunately for everyone who actually wants the limited edition Pip-Boy device, Bethesda is all sold out. The day they re-opened pre-orders for the collector's edition, they managed to sell out those devices the same day.

You can look for Fallout 4 to launch on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 10th next week.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.