Did you enjoy Ico on the PS2? How about games like Ecstatica II? Well, if you're into the esoteric platformer with a hint of Kingdom Hearts' art-style, you just might enjoy Flying Carpet Games' upcoming The Girl and The Robot.

The game is about a young girl who is locked away by an evil queen, but manages to free herself and happen upon an imprisoned robot stashed inside the queen's castle. The girl needs help getting far and away from the castle but she can't do so alone, so she employs the help of the magical robot. Together, the two captives plan their escape and make their way through the queen's castle, solving puzzles and defeating her evil robot henchmen in order to get away and never return.

The plot is rather straightforward and the story elements are bare bones, but the thing that makes this project so enchanting is that the design scheme hearkens back to a time where gameplay and discovery were key; when gamers were given control and entrusted to use their wits and instinct to solve problems placed before them.

As many gamers know, in this day and age a lot of games rely heavily on hand-holding techniques where the art of discovery is left at the doorstep, and the ladle of spoon-fed mechanics is leveraged amply by the publisher's hand.

Rarely do we get compelling games that just let the players play, and instead we have a lot of games where any sort of difficulty or challenge is replaced with a boldly visible tutorial of sorts. Much like SCE's recent PS3 outing, Rain, Namco Bandai's Majin, and other PS2 classics of a bygone era, The Girl and The Robot aims to rekindle the classic feeling of nostalgia that helped shape generations passed.

I definitely like what Flying Carpet Games is trying to do here and I truly hope they succeed in their quest to bring an enchanting, puzzle-oriented, adventure-action title to the market. It's the sort of game that has “sleeper-hit” written all over it, if given the chance to breathe on the market.

If you like what you've seen in the promotional video above, you can check out an additional promo video below, showcasing just a bit more of the combat and gameplay puzzle mechanics.

Additionally, if this game has your fancy tickled and tickled well, feel free to react to that sensation by showing a little monetary love over on the game's official Kickstarter page. With 29 days to go and a meager $15,000 goal, I think The Girl and The Robot has a more-than-modest chance of becoming a crowd-funding success.

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