Rockstar Games is really start to pick up the pace with promoting Grand Theft Auto V. For the second time this week, they've sent out a group of fresh screenshots.

There isn't a single car being stolen or hooker being killed in these shots. In fact, we don't see Los Santos at all. Instead, the shots show some (hopefully) law-abiding citizens riding dirt bikes, skydiving and playing tennis.

Dirt bike races and skydiving were two popular side activities in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The inclusion of these pasttimes in GTA V just further confirms that this game is going to be a true successor to San Andreas. We were already getting that vibe from the screenshots released on Monday.

It's possible that tennis will become its own minigame as well. GTA IV had a variety of minigames based on leisure activities, such as pool and darts. The tennis court seems like a good spot for a virtual date.

GTA V is expected early next year. Perhaps Rockstar will announce the release date soon? That would explain why updates on the game are coming at a faster rate these days.

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