Fans of awesome masks, stretchy pants and pile-drivers who also happen to be gaming on the PC will be happy to know that they will soon have their fill of all of those things as Guacamelee! Gold Edition get ready to launch on Steam come August 8th.

Coming from the fine folks at Drinkbox, Guacamelee harkens back to action/platforming games of old, spicing up the formula with a beautiful and colorful aesthetic, as well as fun new moves and abilities. A Metroidvania-style game, players will take on the role of a luchedor on a quest for vengeance against the lord of the underworld who stole his life and destroyed his home.

You'll adventure to a handful of diverse lands, putting the smackdown on baddies along the way. Each level will grant you a new power that will make it possible to proceed to the next, or give you an ability that will allow you to discover even more goodies by going back to previous regions and exploring them a second time.

Two players can take on the game in co-op, with either player able to disappear into a bubble during those especially tough platforming sequences. It keeps you from having to coordinate two-player maneuvers that are already tricky enough to manage in single player, just another one of the game's many small touches that make it so appealing.

Being a “Gold Edition,” you can expect additional bells and whistles not seen in the console versions of the game, as well as full Steam integration, all for $14.99.

For an idea of what all this latest version of Guacamelee has to offer, here's a list of key features direct from the developer.

-An extensive move list, advanced combo engine and large variety of enemies keeps the battles fresh and entertaining.
-Multidimensional platforming, instantly swap between the World of the Living and the Dead to traverse impossible terrain and reach new locations.
-Combat moves are needed for both fighting and platforming, blurring the boundaries between the two styles of gameplay.
-Access new parts of the world as you gain advanced wrestling moves and powers.
-El Inferno level expansion includes a series of challenges set inside the offices of the Devil's domain.
-New costumes that feature lavish detail and change player abilities.
-Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, Leaderboards, Cloud Save and Big Picture Mode.
-Steam Workshop to modify character skins and upload them to Steam to share with everyone.
-Drop in and out local co-op.
-1080p, 60fps with customizable keyboard controls and support for controllers.

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