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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Beats Up New Trailer, Details

Fighting fans gaming on the go have a lot to get excited about tomorrow as Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R finally makes its way to the PlayStation Vita.

What, exactly, makes a gear fee guilty? While I doubt that question will be answered in the classic fighter’s latest remake, one thing is for certain: Your thumbs are about to get a massive workout.

Coming from Arc System Works, the folks behind this generation’s hit BlazBlue fighting series, Guilty Gear has seen its fair share of tweaks, re-tweaks and re-re-tweaks. This PS Vita version of the game is being called the “definitive” edition, however, so those of you who already own a version or two might still want to pick this bad boy up.

Project Coordinator Takeshi Yamanaka commented on Plus R’s journey to Sony’s handheld, saying that even though it seemed like a natural fit for the Vita, the idea was originally shelved due to the fact that the higher ups did not think is would have “much of an impact.”

Once Yamanaka took control of the Guilty Gear franchise, however, he yanked the game off the shelf, blew off the dust and set his team to making a brand new, fully fleshed out upgrade.

In order to keep the game’s fighting on par with previous versions, the Vita version of Plus R will maintain the series’ 4:3 aspect ratio. Along with a graphical and sound upgrade, the game has also been completely rebalanced, giving “weaker characters more weapons and options” and adjusting the higher tier characters’ battle style, according to Yamanaka. Previous boss characters, Kliff and Justice, have also now been made playable, though with special consideration for their moves so as not to break the game.

We announced earlier this morning that Plus R will be joining tomorrow’s weekly PlayStation Network content update, and now you can read even more about the game over on the PlayStation Blog.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.