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Have you ever wanted to hop into a Gundam and battle it out with hundreds of other players each controlling their own Gundam? Well, the Gundam version of APB: Reloaded is launching in early January and Namco Bandai sent out a new launch trailer detailing the game's nifty and unique features.

MMO Site managed to scrounge up the launch trailer for the game and piece together some of the information for those of you who aren't very familiarized with the Japanese language. You can check it out below.

The Commander mode is totally awesome, as it gives players control over issuing commands, directing troops to specific command point locations or sending out spy drones. All those tanks on the field in that one clip looked pretty epic.

Gundam Online will see up to 100 players take to a single instance as either the Earth Federation or the Republic of Zeon.

The game sports a wide variety of mobile Gundam suits and armor variants to collect and operate. The game, for now, is only available in Japan but those of you who know how to tricksy your way into the game from unsupported regions using VPNs know what to do.