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Guns of Icarus is a game that's picking up some steam thanks to its unique approach to team-based PvP. Over the weekend Muse Games has been holding closed-beta tests for the upcoming airship PvP game and we have some footage of some epic battles available for you right here.

The general gist of the game is that you have a captain and three crew members, usually two gunners and an engineer. The game allows you to unlock and earn equipment, items and buffs as you play through it and battle fierce opponents. For now the game is only PvP but in the future, if it sells well, we could be seeing the PvE mode that enables gamers to take on quests, scavenge the world for items and engage in guild vs guild bouts.

The game's various character classes also play a big part in how the game's matches play out: captains pilot the ship, gunners shoot things and engineers have to keep the fires out while repairing essential ship components. The real twist is that communication is key, especially for captains who can't always see where they're going while piloting the mammoth airship.

Muse Games' PR rep Joseph Lieberman gave us a brief tour of the Unity Engine-powered game, and you can check it out in the video below. Keep an eye out for the epic finish that includes a game of chicken with two airships.

This is one of those games that requires a ton of teamwork, lots of concentration and plenty of communication. If you enjoy games where you can group up with friends and battle it out in customizable airships you'll definitely want to check out Guns of Icarus, which is planned to go live later this summer.

You can learn more about the game or pre-order right now for special bonuses by paying a visit to the Official Guns of Icarus Website.