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Harry Potter: Spell Pack App Is Free For iPhone

Warner Bros. Digital announced that the popular PvP iPhone app featuring spell-casting mages based on the popular book and movie series has a new spell pack that's now available…for free. Players will be able to amp up their skills by training at one of four houses available in the game and then proceeds to master their skills and then unleash them on a friend in a duel mode.

As stated in the press release…

The first pack is now available on the App Store and includes Avada Kedavra (instantly defeats your opponent), Morsmordre (summons the Dark Mark) and Reparo (repairs broken objects). By downloading these spell packs, seasoned Muggles will be able to further hone their spell casting abilities. Players who download the free app can also add these powerful spells to their collection for an additional $0.99.

The premium edition of this mobile app is also available, featuring 17 hotshot spells for the adept wizards to master for only $2.99. I guess that’s not too bad a price for a program that runs on a $700 phone.

You can check out the Harry Potter: Spells and learn more about the additional packs by visiting the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.