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Heroes of the Storm’s Medic Will Be An Integral Part Of The Team

Blizzard is bringing another StarCraft character into Heroes of the Storm. The latest Hero to enter the Nexus is the Terran Medic.

The Medic is being added to the game, Blizzard said, because they frank need more support heroes.

"[The Medic] is a very strong dedicated support character," Heroes of the Storm designer Dustin Browder said. "We've heard from a lot of our players that need more supports, especially with the double-ban system we're using these days, and we think this will help round out our roster quite a bit."

As you might expect, the Medic can heal her allies. That's not the extent of her job, though. She can also shield them or toss grenades.

One of her ultimate abilities allows her to summon a Medivac, a dropship seen previously in StarCraft 2. The Medivac allows the Medic to transport herself and a teammate to somewhere else. This ability has a lot of offensive and defensive potential. While it could be used to rescue a wounded ally, I imagine many players will use their Medivac to get a jump on objectives.

You can see a bit of gameplay footage for the Medic in this video:

Unfortunately, Heroes of the Storm players may need to wait awhile until the Medic is added to the game. Blizzard announced three other characters earlier in the week. The new additions include Diablo 3's Monk, Rexxar from Warcraft 3, and StarCraft 2's Artanis. Blizzard had a lot more details to share about the Monk and Rexxar so they're likely closer to release than Artanis and the Medic are.

There's no telling how long Blizzard will take to release each character because they've got plenty of other things to work on as well. For example, they'll be releasing a Diablo 3-themed map called Infernal Shrines soon. They're also finishing up several new skins and mounts. A new trailer released by Blizzard today shows off some of these upcoming cosmetic items, which include a doubloon mount and prison garb for Tychus:

Heroes of the Storm is free-to-play for the PC and Mac. If you're interested in checking out the game, read our newbie guide first.

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