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Blizzard Entertainment released a video for the new hero that's gracing the PvP arenas of Heroes of the Storm. Gamers expected and requested that Leoric from Diablo be added to the roster in Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA, and Blizzard listened.

You can check out the promotional video for Leoric below, covering his brief story in Diablo and his abilities and special talents in Heroes of the Storm.

One of the big abilities that make Leoric a devastating force to be reckoned with is his “Undying” trait, which passively allows him to stay on the battlefield after he dies to haunt enemy heroes and even debuff them by slowing them down. The Undying trait also allows Leoric to reduce his respawn timer.

Another neat feature to the Undying trait is that he can also resurrect on the current position of where his ghost is, as opposed to respawning at a checkpoint scattered throughout the map.

The video also covers his basic 'Q', 'W', 'E' abilities – the ones that players will use most throughout their PvP battles in Heroes of the Storm.

His Skeletal Swing ability may seem a little slow but it works as an AOE and can also be used while he's a specter, giving him the ability to slow down opponents even when he's dead. However, Blizzard ensured that the skeleton king is balanced out enough that he doesn't take any damage when using Skeletal Swing while he's a ghost.

Drain Hope is another double-duty special ability, giving Leoric the option to drain an opponent's health and recharge his own. When using Drain Hope while a ghost, Leoric will lower his death timer hence allowing him to respawn faster.

His final ability is Wraith Walk, which is basically a spectral fast-travel method where he leaves his body to quickly get to a new location. However, he can still take damage on his physical body while his wraith is traveling around.

As many fans of Heroes of the Storm know, there are two heroic abilities for each character on the roster. Leoric's first heroic ability is Entomb, which works as a crowd-control trap for enemy heroes and minions. It's kind of small and you really have to time it right to entrap opponents but it's a great way to prevent opponents with low life from escaping and making a run for it.

His final heroic ability is a basic damage-dealing attack. It unleashes three powerful combos while healing Leoric for the damage he deals out.

Fans of Diablo are likely excited to see Leoric make the cut. It was kind of bound to happen given that Johanna and The Butcher were getting people excited about the possible inclusion of the skeleton king.

Well, Blizzard delivered.

You can check out Leoric and the other heroes from Heroes of the Storm by paying a visit to the official website.

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