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Hitman Alpha Gameplay Footage Leaked

A couple of new short clips have surfaced from the closed alpha of the upcoming Hitman game due out for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One this holiday season. We get to see just how big the Parisian mansion level is, we get to see how many NPCs are flooding the area and we get to see some of the tools of the trade that Agent 47 can employ.

The post over on Reddit links to a couple of Webmshare files where you can see Hitman clips in action. They're very short and snappy but cover a couple of unique interactive elements available throughout the play experience.

The different clips offer a different look at the game.

Clip 1 is a 16 segment featuring Agent 47 hiding in a cabinet.

Clip 2 is 47 walking through the outdoor gallery, crowded with guests there to see the fashion show.

Clip 3 features 47 dressed as a security guard and having to deal with a locked door by either picking the lock or breaking the lock.

Clip 4 is a near two-minute clip where the game is sped up by 200% to show a variety of different features in a short amount of time.

The amount of NPCs in the single area is very impressive. It looks populated and lively, something that's oftentimes missing from a lot of games that are supposed to take place in populated areas. Assassin's Creed usually gets this right, but even then I don't think we regularly see areas quite as dense with NPCs as we see in some of the more crowded segments in the Hitman clips above.

The size of the map is another highlight. It looks like IO Interactive put a lot of time and effort into making this one of the most detailed maps in a Hitman game. It's hard to think of an equivalent other than maybe the jungle compound stage from the first game, which seemed absolutely huge.

It's also nice to see that dragging bodies around and hiding them in storage places is returning. For some reboots it seems like they take more out than they put in. We also get to see that Agent 47 can shimmy across various ledges, so that definitely helps in making a daring getaway or getting into a restricted area via the window.

It's kind of funny on the Reddit page that many of the comments seem to center around Agent 47 and his new youthful appearance. Debates about the quality of his attractiveness draw comparisons with the new Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 and Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher. I'm kind of surprised no one brought up the magically de-aging that Sam Fisher went through with Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

But de-aging a character isn't that big of a deal so long as the gameplay is solid and they don't butcher the story all too much. I'm sort of looking forward to this new Hitman game but I'm also reluctant until I learn more about it.

You can look for the title to launch this holiday season for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.