This hobbyist website turned information powerhouse is a great alternative to IGN. Mobile news? They have it. Console wars? In full stride. Hardware updates? Got it covered. Industry concerns? On it like paparazzi on a stoned out celeb who forgot to wear underwear while stepping out of a limo. Blues has a great collection of content on a day-in and day-out basis (literally) and anything that even twitches in the world of electronic entertainment usually gets a nod by Blues at some point in time. The only downside to Blues is that they don't actually provide contextual depth to the postings, save for the bigger profile stories. So while you might learn a thing or two about the latest patch or trailer for a high-profile game, there are just as many news items that are simply names and links. Still, it's one of the better resources out there for gamers looking to keep up-to-date on all things gaming.

I've never really been that big of a fan of Neoseeker but you have to admit that they're consistently consistent. The news is timely, the previews and reviews are there, advertorialism is common place and they cover everything from phones to consoles and all the hardcore PC hardware in between. The layout is a bit lazy, sort of like every movie in Steven Seagal's career after the fist Under Siege, and there seems to be a general uninspired lethargy that surrounds their acclivity for mainstream recognition but hey, at least they have the content to back it up. If you're not really looking for a ton of personality to speak out to you about the kind of news and information you're looking for in the realm of video game entertainment, then Neoseeker doesn't seem to be that bad of an alternative to replace IGN. Oh yeah, and most importantly is that they appear to be scandal-free...which seems to play a big part in a little thing called integrity.

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