Gamigo sent out word today that the turn-based, MMO strategy-RPG, Jagged Alliance Online, is finally entering open beta. This means that players from all over will be able to play the classic strategy game from the comfort of their browser.

As stated in the press release...
The advent of open beta testing will also bring a number of new features to the game: Defeated opponents now drop loot that can be collected by the mercenaries during the mission. When a player aims at an explosive barrel or crate, the explosion radius will be shown, making it easier to judge to results of one’s actions. Aiming at an opponent will now show which direction he is most vulnerable from.

A new walkthrough video was also released to detail how players can manage their squads, take advantage of certain tactical elements during combat as well as make the most of their environment and surroundings.

The game comes close on the heels of Kalypso's own Jagged Alliance: Back In Action, which is an offline, standalone strategy experience that throws gamers back into the fictional country of Alruco where they must overthrow an evil dictatorial queen. JA:O is a little more tame and features various mercenary type missions in jungle settings, giving players plenty to loot and scavenge while on a mission.

You can sign-up right now to start playing Jagged Alliance Online, which is free-to-play, simply by visiting the Official Website.

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