The Steam database app has been known to help break news about new and upcoming games planned for release on Steam's digital distribution store. While some entries like the Halo trilogy weren't actually being made available on Steam, others proved more likely, and in this latest case the app points to Tripwire Interactive potentially bringing Killing Floor 2 to Steam.

For those who don't know, Killing Floor was originally a mod that eventually turned into its own game using the Unreal Engine. The game is a waved-based, co-op survival shooter that focuses a lot on realistic weapons being pitted against zombies, cyborgs, mutants, witches and everything else in between. The real hook of Killing Floor is its wide modding possibilities and the ability to tweak a lot of different aspects of the game.

The Steam database info points to the possible inclusion of Killing Floor 2, noting things like a single-purchase license and that it's clearly a game.

Given that Tripwire is finished with the original Killing Floor and the modding community is mostly taking over with Red Orchestra 2, it's a pretty safe bet that Tripwire could be prepping a sequel for the co-op survival shooter. Plus, I imagine that it's not long overdue but a sequel for Killing Floor is certainly worth exploring.

Since Tripwire doesn't answer to a big publisher there's literally no telling what a Killing Floor 2 might be like, but as it stands this just a rumor until Tripwire confirms it, but it's rare that the Steam Database app is wrong with stuff like this.

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