Kinect Helps People Troll Hard On Xbox One

When you go online to troll and you want people to rage, you sometimes come up with clever names like Sir Butphucme, SpankmymidgetPuhlease or ApimpIsyourFather. However, thanks to the elevation of technological innovation, we no longer have a lower class of troll... we now have tech-savvy trolls who can use the benefits of things like Kinect 2.0 to troll other people. Watch and behold the greatness of Kinect helping trolls to troll.

Kotaku, with their infinite intellect on spotting the most trolltastic news, came across a video from YouTube user Videogames, where they aptly attempt to troll-bait by using the gamertag: “Xbox One Sign Out”.

The trolls realize that the current class of trolls just aren't the kind that provide the quality level of trolling that Xbox Live deserves. Videogames is providing the kind of trolling that Xbox Live needs..

The name is clever and the trolling is top-notch. I'm very fascinated to know how much farther the trolls can go with utilizing the Kinect to help them bring the kind of troll-bait that the Xbox Live community will have to endure throughout this generation.

I don't know how long the trolling will last and how much collaboration it'll receive from the NSA spy-box, oops, I mean Kinect 2.0. However, Microsoft already has an anti-troll campaign in the works where they request volunteers to help report and rat out trolls like an honorless goomba. However, when Microsoft requested volunteers to combat trolls, some readers responded with...

VOLUNTEER? To hell with that!

If you're going to risk your guts and glory against a troll, I'm guessing Microsoft is going to have to pony-up some of that Kinect-advertising-spying money to recruit some loyal rats.

Nevertheless, there's no shortage of trolls out there and until Microsoft starts policing harder than the Gestapo in Berlin during World War II or the Boshelviks in far east Europe when Socialism was all the rage, we'll continue to get top-notch trolling antics on Microsoft's latest home entertainment device.

In fact, the trolling is still providing plenty of YouTubers with enough monthly funds and fuel that they can cancel their welfare checks and make trolling on AAA titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts a full time job. Heck, check out this video from Daithi De Nolga, showcasing that you don't always need a clever name and a body-blocker tactic to troll harder than a drunk Kanye West at an MTV awards show.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.