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League of Legends Lissandra

The next champion coming to League of Legends is called Lissandra The Ice Witch. Riot's profile on this character describes her as a "mana-efficient" mage that focuses on crowd-control and kiting rather than simply damage-dealing.

As her name suggests, Lissandra wields a variety of ice spells. She can hit enemies with ice shards that slow their movement speed. Ring of Frost, meanwhile, roots all nearby enemies in place. Glacial Path is a teleport ability that enhances her kiting abilities. Playing her sounds a bit like playing a frost mage in World of Warcraft.

Lissandra's ultimate, Frozen Tomb, can be cast on herself or an enemy. Casting Frozen Tomb on herself covers her in an unbreakable shield of ice. She can't move while it's up but she emanates dark ice that slows and hurts nearby foes. Alternately, she can use the spell on an enemy to stun them and make them emanate dark ice, thereby hurting teammates. A mega-screenshot showing off this ability and others is below (click for the full size).

Riot hasn't announced when Lissandra will go live yet. However, the developer tends to release champions within weeks (if not days) of their first reveal.

League of Legends' third season of competitive play is currently underway. The top teams throughout North America and Europe are currently jockeying for position. The first half of the season will end on April 20th. The hype around Season 3 has helped the game top 5 million concurrent players.

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