The first season of competitive play for League of Lengeds is now winding down. Developer Riot Games decided to take the opportunity to announce some statistics for the game. For starters, there are now over 15 million registered players.

There are about four million active players per month. At peak times, there are 500,000 players online in North America and Europe. What's that, you want MORE crazy stats? Well, here you go:
  • Every day, over a million games of League of Legends are played, most consisting of two teams of five players.
  • Gamers spend 3.7 million hours in-game enjoying League of Legends every day.
  • The official website for League of Legends receives over 6 million page views per day.
  • 1.4 million people like League of Legends on Facebook, and League of Legends videos have nearly 100 million views on YouTube.
  • Over 1,690,000 viewers tuned into the online broadcast of the League of Legends Season One Championship, with concurrent viewership peaking at over 210,000.
"We are extremely proud and appreciative of the devoted League of Legends community which has grown substantially over the last year and a half," said Brandon Beck, CEO of Riot Games. "We’re committed to continuing to match their dedication with our relentless focus on ongoing enhancements to the player experience with great new features, content, and polish – and we have some very exciting surprises in store just around the corner."

League of Legends is a Defense of the Ancients-inspired strategy game. Two teams of players compete to destroy each other's base. Each player controls a Champion, a powerful unit that levels up and gains new abilities as the match proceeds.

LoL launched in North America and Europe October 2009. Riot Games plans to expand the game to China, Southeast Asia and other regions by the end of the year. Those moves should make their playerbase stats even more impressive.

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