League Of Legends Reworked Trundle And Sejuani Gameplay Footage Released

Riot Games has decided to remake two of their champions from their PC/Mac strategy game League of Legends. Trundle and Sejuani have been updated with new winter-themed abilities and appearances.

Sejuani, once one of the more scantily-clad characters in LoL, now wears more weather-appropriate gear. She's now decked out in a suit of heavy, fur-lined armor. Her mount, Bristle, has been bulked up as well.

The new Sejuani is better able to perform tank roles in battle. Her passive enhances her armor with every hit and reduces any slowness effects on her. She's also able to slow down enemies or knock them in the air. All in all, she should be great at keeping enemies distracted while her DPS companions land some kills.

Riot set out to make Trundle more imposing. He's no longer a disease-ridden monster who skulks around the battlefield. Instead, he's an armored troll-king who demands respect.

Trundle's abilities haven't changed too much. However, they all have an ice theme rather than a disease theme. His ultimate ability has been tweaked so that it steals magic resist, health and armor in addition to causing damage.

If you prefer the old looks of each champion, don't worry. If you've unlocked either character previously, you'll get a free skin based on their traditional appearance.

Riot Games has really taken a shine to ice-themed characters lately. At the start of April they announced Lissandra, a mage with frost powers.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.