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Limbo, the monochrome game about violent death and discovery, has led an interesting life. Starting out as an Xbox 360 exclusive, the indie game eventually made the jump to PlayStation 3, PC and Mac. Now it's ready to be enjoyed on the go as developers announce an impending launch on Vita.

Playdead CEO and Co-founder Dino Patti is a man of few words, according to his recent statement on the PlayStation Blog. Rather than spend paragraphs explaining the backstory of Limbo, how the game was conceived or boasting about its many accolades, he instead decides to cut straight to the chase.

“As we approach the third anniversary of Limbo, the game is finally ready for handheld decives,” Patti said. “Together, with the talented people at Double Elven, we at Playdead have been working hard to adapt Limbo to PS Vita without comprimising the experience.”

Apparently the team is happy with the results, as Limbo is set to hit the PlayStation Network this Tuesday, June 4, for $14.99.

If you haven't played Limbo yet and you happen to own a Vita, I'd definitely recommend you check this one out. The art style is dark and atmospheric, the soundtrack is haunting and the thrill of discovery (as well as discovering new and horrifying ways to die) is captivating.

I say turn off the lights, plug in the headphones, and get to exploring.

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