Lingerie-Clad Marisa Miller In New Guitar Hero Commercial

A few months back, Heidi Klum pranced around in her underwear in a Guitar Hero: World Tour commercial. Now it's SI Swimsuit Issue cover girl and Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller's turn and she's actually wearing less clothing than Heidi did.

Alright, not that much less clothing - she's just lacking the unbuttoned white shirt Klum was rocking as a part of a Risky Business homage. Banned In Hollywood got ahold of a few photos from the GH commercial's filming for the Internet's enjoyment. There's more on their site but I assumed you would find motion blurred pictures of Miller slightly less fetching (but maybe I'm wrong on that).

As you can see, she's dancing in her skivvies with a guitar controller in front of a green screen. Wonder what sort of CGI backdrop they'll add in for the advertisement? We can only assume it's going to be a medieval fantasy battle scene or prehistoric Earth. Marisa Miller playing guitar while two T-Rexes battle seems like a pretty eye-catching commercial to me.

Oh, and my apologies to female Blend Games readers. To make amends, I'll be sure to post the video when Activision gets John Stamos or the dude from Twilight to cut a commercial.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.