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The 'main man has arrived', says the pale-faced alien with a penchant for ultra-violence. And what better way to introduce one of the most controversially loved DC characters of all time than to have him beat the living tarmac out of Batman? Well, he could have beat the living tarmac out of Superman, but I think Batman will do for now.

As showcased in the video, Lobo is a great all-around character with some super-fast long-ranged attacks, some heavy super attacks and some up-close-and-personal combos to round out his move list. Being a “super” character with extra strength and having speed and projectiles on his side could easily make Lobo one of the more cheap characters on the roster next to Superman, and there's no doubt that gamers will play him about as often as they donned the gloves of Frost in Fight Night: Champion.

Injustice: Gods Among Us has scored some favorable praise in the critic's circle, and it remains to be seen if the sales will match the Metacritic score...because we all know how much publishers love Metacritic.

Anyway, the DLC for Injustice is probably one of the more highly anticipated features for the game because there are a ton of heroes and villains gamers and comic book fans would love to see make an appearance. That's not to mention that Lobo was probably one of the most requested villains to appear in Injustice.

You can step into the shoes of Lobo beginning May 7th in two week's time. For more info, feel free to visit the Official Website.