Lord Of The Rings Online Updating With New Riders Of Rohan Content

Lord of the Rings Online, the free-to-play MMO set in the same universe as author J.R.R. Tolkien's legendary fantasy novels, is set to expand yet again with Update 10, offering the second chapter in the “Against the Shadow” content, offering four new raids for players to gallop through in the Riders of Rohan content pack.

Riders of Rohan was added to the LOTRO universe late last year, giving gamers their first taste of mounted combat across an expansive map filled with new missions, epic story quests and bad dudes with pointy teeth riding atop even badder dudes with pointier teeth.

In case you feel like you have sampled all that the Rohan expansion has to offer, Turbine is here to inform us that even more adventures are coming down the pipeline in the form of additional raids.

First up is a revamped “In Their Absence” quest line. Players can now tackle this series of missions which now scale from levels 65-85. That means the window in which you can enjoy these new challenges is even wider, which is always a good thing for adventurers who felt like they were missing out.

The other big addition to this second installment of the Against the Shadow content pack is a set of four new raids. The Bells of Dale is a six-man quest that allows players to help Brand ring the city bells of Dale while holding off enemy soldiers as townsfolk flee for safety.

The remaining raids are 12-man affairs, including Road to the Lonely Mountain, The Fires of Smaug and The Battle for Erebor. The first quest has you protecting the people of Dale on their journey to the Lonely Mountain. Once you get everyone to Erebor safely, The Fires of Smaug will task you with killing off some invaders who have built a massive pyre in order to flood your new haven with toxic smoke. Finally, The Battle for Erebor has you, well, battling for Erebor.

Look for these all new missions to be added to Lord of the Rings Online's Riders of Rohan content pack soon.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.