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Oh Fracture, I remember your glory days. Back when you were first announced you looked amazing. But now with The Force Unleashed stealing all the thunder I’ve begun to question just how good this game might be. Set in the mid-2100s the USA has been split in half, with the central portion having been completely decimated. Now the Atlantic Alliance relies on cybernetics to solve the issues of the day. Meanwhile in the Republic of Pacifica the populace is using gene manipulation to survive. Now the two sides are at war with the European nations and Asia taking sides in what has become a global conflict on American soil.

Playing as the ridiculously named Jet Brody gamers will use explosive, terrain deforming weapons to change the field of battle. It’s a very interesting concept, and I still think it could be good. But the terrain manipulation feels a little gimmicky. If developer Day 1 Studios can deliver a game on top of some bullet points that is interesting then they may have a chance to not be swallowed by the juggernaut that is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Below is a fact sheet on the game straight from E3.

  • Truly next-generation gameplay – Groundbreaking terrain deformation allows players to reshape the battlefield on the fly with futuristic weaponry of the year 2161, allowing for unprecedented power, freedom and control.
  • All new story and characters from the company that brought you Star Wars and Indiana Jones, as well as Mercenaries and Thrillville – Players assume the role of Jet Brody, a demolitions expert in the mighty Atlantic Alliance army and the next great action hero.
  • Plausible future conflict – As stem cell research continues to proliferate and spirals out of control, ideological differences over genetic enhancement place the player at the threshold of an epic battle of tomorrow between genetics vs. cybernetics as two powerful armies, with vastly differing tactics and advantages, square off. The battlefield will change forever.