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Yes, you read the headline right: The new controllers from Madcatz and Saitek will be cross-platform compatible. There's a catch to this news story that will make some gamers grumble. Nevertheless, the real winners are going to be PC gamers.

Madcatz is bringing new game pad controllers to the market under it's Saitek brand, which will offer gamers a new way to play new and old games. And yes, the controllers are cross-platform, but limited to specific platforms. So you can't use PS3 controllers with an Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 controllers with a PS3. However, these game pads can be used on their respective game consoles and via cross-platform with PCs. So yes, the headline doesn't lie, but as I stated in the first paragraph, PC gamers are the only ones who will benefit from the cross-platforming.

Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz commented, “Ideal for those who enjoy software on multiple platforms, the new range of Saitek branded GamePads offers a perfect combination of quality engineering and state of the art features such as Precision Aim and the Cyborg Module which we believe gamers will respond to enthusiastically around the world.”

You can check out the full details of each controller below, or visit the Official Madcatz Website or the Official Saitek Website for more information regarding the new line of game pads. The controllers are expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2008, so you better start working your thumbs out now. And remember to be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news and info regarding the latest happenings in the gaming industry.

Saitek Cross-Compatible Controllers:

The PS1000 Dual Analog GamePad: (PS2, PS3, PC) Designed to high levels of engineering resulting in a noticeable improvement to in-game performance on all compatible platforms chosen by the gamer. Featuring a full compliment of Action Buttons, Triggers and Dual Analog Thumbsticks, the PS1000 features a unique ‘Precision Aim Button’ which slows down the response from the right Thumbstick, thus greatly simplifying aiming and allowing for precision aiming during frantic game play, ideal for FPS (First Person Shooter) titles.

PS2700 Rumble GamePad: (PS2, PS3, PC) Comes equipped with additional features designed to offer yet more control and freedom to the gamer. Powerful Rumble Feedback when used with compatible PC and PlayStation 2 software provides realistic, tactile immersion and the newly developed Cyborg Module transforms the controller, allowing gamers to customize their controls for their personal preference. Simply by unclipping and rotating the Cyborg Module, gamers can alternate the position of the Analog Thumbstick and D-Pad thus allowing the gamer to choose the position best matching his or her gaming style.

P3200 RumblePad: (Xbox 360, PC) Features a full compliment of Action Buttons, Triggers and Dual Analog Thumbsticks and again features powerful Rumble Feedback to enhance compatible software. Like the PS1000, the P3200 RumblePad also offers users the chance to program the individual Action Buttons when used on a PC and playing Games For Windows software. In addition, the P3200 includes an LED Display Indicator, alerting users of player and Xbox Live™ notifications keeping gamers in control of every aspect of their gaming experience.

Cyborg RumblePad (Xbox 360, PC) Offers identical specifications to the P3200 RumblePad but also includes the Cyborg Module, allowing gamers to customize their controls to suit their desired gaming style.